Thursday, May 31, 2012

Over the Edge

One of the things I enjoyed about summer when I was a kid was having the chance to read a lot of books.  I loved mysteries and probably read every Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book that was in our library.  Maybe that's why I decided to read Over the Edge by Norah McClintock.  This book is a little misleading at first.  Because the author takes a while to develop the storyline and the characters, she also takes her time in building mystery and suspense. But it is worth the wait!

When Chloe moves to a small town and goes through the trials of making friends, she learns of the deaths of two high school students.  One was an athlete, one was what the other students referred to as a nerd.  The more she learns, the more she is convinced that these two deaths were neither accident or suicide.  And, as with all good mysteries, you don't know until the end who the guilty parties are or exactly how the clues will unravel.

This is the first book in the series Chloe and Levesque.  The EMS Library currently has the first four books.  If you read and enjoy this book, the second in the series is titled Double-Cross.

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