Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Running Dream

The Running Dream is a truly heartwarming, uplifting story about a girl who loses part of her leg in a tragic accident, then overcomes great odds to accomplish her goal.  Jessica is a 16-year-old runner (and member of the track team) who is headed for greatness.  But as the team returns home from a meet, the bus collides with a truck, causing injuries that pose much greater obstacles than track could ever prepare her for.

As Jessica deals with the harsh reality of her loss, she also learns about true friendship, the importance of family, and how to see others for who they are and not their handicap.  For those of you who like realistic fiction / human drama, you will find this to be a great read.  The Running Dream is nominated for the young adult Golden Sower Award.  

Click here to listen to the author talk about her book.

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