Sunday, February 3, 2013

Red Cell by John Kalkowski

After winning a baseball game with an innovative toss of a rosin bag, Will Conlan catches the interest of a chief operative of the Homeland Security’s Analytic Red Cell. Utilizing the creative problem solving of philosophers, futurists, and Hollywood movie writers, this intelligence unit is seeking any original ideas about anticipating terrorist plots.  When a surge of terrorist activity occurs, the operative banks on the notion that Will’s youthful imagination and problem-solving skills will provide the key insight they need.  

Unaware of the magnitude of danger surrounding him, Will uncovers something he wasn’t supposed to discover—a connection between a television advertisement and a master terrorist plot. Narrowly surviving, he alone foils a bombing at Wrigley Field. Uncertain about the knowledge he now holds, he has to figure out the terrorists’ next target. Will just doesn’t realize…it’s him.  This book will be a good choice for readers who like Roland Smith's IQ series.  Red Cell is nominated for the 2013-2014 Young Adult Golden Sower Award.

Click here to read an excerpt from Red Cell.

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