Thursday, February 21, 2013

Walls Within Walls by Maureen Sherry

I'm not sure if I was influenced by a childhood of reading Nancy Drew mysteries or if this was just a good story, but I found myself really liking this book.   Walls Within Walls is the story of a family who moves from their cozy house in Brooklyn to an upscale apartment on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue.   Their father, a video-game inventor has struck it rich and the family is adjusting to not only a different lifestyle, but also to having no friends, a nanny who takes the place of their parents, and an uncertain school year.  Then one day, the kids discover an astonishing secret about their old apartment.  The apartment and all the clues it hides are a part of a gigantic puzzle that will will lead to unraveling the mystery of long-hidden treasures.    

Follow the Smithfork kids as they attempt to discover and decipher clues hidden within the walls of their new home.  Walls Within Walls has been  nominated for the 2012-1013 Golden Sower Award in the intermediate category.

Click Here to view a video book trailer.

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