Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spy High: Mission One by A.J. Butcher

Spy High:  Mission One will pull in readers of Conspiracy 365 and Alex Rider.  Although this book starts slowly, readers will be rewarded by action-packed pages of challenges, battles, and a little bit of science fiction.  Ben, Jake, Eddie, Cally, Lori, and Jennifer are students of Deveraux Academy or more commonly known as Spy High.  They have been hand-picked to be on Bond Team to compete toward the ultimate goal - pass the academy's rigorous virtual reality training program.  When personality conflicts arise, Bond Team gets sent on an assignment where failure won't result in expulsion from school and the purging of their memories.  This time, failure will result in death.  Not a read for the faint of heart.  Mission One is the first book in this multi-book series.

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