Sunday, January 18, 2015

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Delirium is the first book the Delirium trilogy and, although not a new book, is sure to be a favorite of dystopian and romance readers. As Lena approaches her 18th birthday, she is looking forward to the government-mandated "cure," which prevents the delirium of love. She has ninety-five days to wait until her life will be happy, safe, and predictable - or so she is told. So far she has escaped contracting the deliria. In the old days, she has been told that love drove people to madness, even death.  Lena's mother had deliria, yet Lena can also remember that her mother experienced great happiness, listened to music, danced, and believed passionately in the importance of love - even if it was painful at times.

They say the Deliria killed her mother. But when Lena meets and falls in love with Alex, an "uncured" boy from the Wilds, everything changes. Nothing is as it seems and Lena must eventually decide between a life of love, uncertainty, great joy but also great pain, and a predictable, life void of the emotional highs and lows that loving others can bring. If you liked Matched, Legend, and/or Divergent you'll love this one!

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