Thursday, June 18, 2015

Swagger by Carl Deuker

When an accident forces his dad to relocate for a new job, Jonas finds himself beginning his senior year at Harding High School in Seattle. Jonas comes from a blue collar family but has received an unexpected chance at a basketball scholarship - if he can improve his grades. Soon he meets and becomes friends with Levi, who is soft-spoken and shy and comes from a poor, but very religiously strict family. Their friendship grows as their summer and school basketball adventures progress toward an eventual run at the state championship. All is good until they begin to discover shameful truths about their basketball coach and are faced with the most difficult decisions of their lives.

This is not a sports book for everyone, but it does contain exciting basketball action as well as bring to light how charismatic, influential people can also be untrustworthy and dangerous. If you are a fan of Carl Deuker, you will not be disappointed, as many of his sports books also contain life lessons. Swagger is recommended to students 7th grade and up. 

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