Saturday, July 4, 2015

Boy 21 by Matthew Quick

Finley, a white Irish boy from a broken family is about to start his senior season at Belmont High, a rough school located in a mob-ridden town. Finley would like nothing better than to escape Belmont and start life in a better place. The only two things he has going for him are basketball and his girlfriend, Erin - his two loves. Finley has worked incredibly hard to become the starting point guard and the leader of his basketball team. Things start to fall apart, though, when Russ arrives at Belmont. Russ was a basketball phenomenon at his former high school but was moved to Belmont following his parents' murder. 

This book is not only about basketball, but also about putting your life back together following tragedy--about making decisions, learning to trust people who care about you, and making sacrifices for the important people and and things in life. Boy 21 is well-suited for lovers of realistic fiction and also for sports fans, and it reminds us how sometimes people can come into our lives unexpectedly, but at at times when we needed them most.  Readers may find this book both heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time. This will be a nice addition to our young adult shelf.

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