Sunday, July 19, 2015

QB 1 by Mike Lupica

Wow! What a great sports read! If you are a football fan, or just like sports stories, QB 1 may end up being one of your favorites. Jake Cullen is a freshman quarterback playing high school football in Texas, a state known for extraordinary high school football programs and the pressure that goes with them. Jake is also the brother of Wyatt Cullen, who quarterbacked the team to the Texas State Championship last season, and is currently the starting quarterback for the Texas Longhorns. Both are sons of former NFL quarterback and local legend, Troy Cullen. And, like in many towns, the football stars are royalty - especially winning quarterbacks.

Jake has lived in the shadow of his older brother all of his life. As he starts his freshman season, it seems like he will ever measure up - to his older brother's accomplishments or his dad's expectations. When the starting quarterback gets hurt, Jake is thrust into competition for the starting job. Although many expect the position to be handed to him, Jake must fight for every snap and every ounce of respect. QB 1 is action-packed, but also contains references to the importance of being a team player, becoming a leader, and most of all, building your own identity separate from the expectations of others. You will find yourself cheering for Jake and his high school team as their "rebuilding" season becomes the path to a state championship run. QB 1 has been nominated for the 2015-2016 young adult Golden Sower Award. Don't miss this one!

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