Friday, June 10, 2016

Dash by Kirby Larson

Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Mitsi finds her life changing dramatically. The country begins to mistrust all Japanese Americans and classmates who had been friends suddenly turn against her. She and her family are forced to leave their home and move into an internment camp where living is dirty and crowded and the camp is surrounded by barbed wire fences. Mitsi is devastated to learn that her one steadfast ally, her dog Dash, cannot accompany them.

Through a kind neighbor, Mitsi remains connected to Dash in spite of the hard times, holding onto hope that she and her family will be able to return to their home some day. Despite the hurdles Mitsi faces, resourcefulness, a new friend, and letters from home help her triumph over the anti-Japanese semitism and difficult living conditions.

Dash has been nominated for the 2016-2017 Intermediate Golden Sower Award. This will be a quick read for lovers of historical fiction.

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