Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Life on Mars by Jennifer Brown

Arty, real name Arcturus Betelegeuse Chambers, was named after the Alpha star in the constellation Bootes. All of the Chambers family is named after stars. And Arty LOVES anything having to do with space. He has been working on a machine that will connect to Mars and eventually find Martians. While out looking at the night sky, Arty and his friends become suspicious of Arty's next door neighbor - nicknamed "Mr. Death." In fact, they suspect he is a zombie, because every night he goes behind their house in his black hoodie with his trash bag and a box and doesn't come back until morning.

Chaos strikes Arty's household when his father informs the family that they are moving to Las Vegas. Just before the move, Arty discovers that Mr. Death loves space just like he does and they become friends. Arty and Mr. Death work on Arty's space machine together and all seems to be going well - that is until Arty has to move away from his friends and until he discovers a terrible secret about Mr. Death.

This is a story full of humor and space facts. It's also a story about relationships and following your dream. Life on Mars has been nominated for the 2016-2017 Intermediate Golden Sower Award. 

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