Sunday, July 3, 2016

Famous Last Words by Katie Alender

Willa just moved to Hollywood with her mom and her new step-dad Jonathan, a famous director. Moving into a huge mansion in a famous city should be every girl's dream, but Willa hasn't moved past her father's death or the feeling that she was responsible.  Soon life becomes even more unstable as Willa begins to see things that seem impossible - like a dead body floating in her swimming pool, messages on her walls that no one else can see...It's like someone or something is trying to send her a message.

In the meantime, there is a serial killer loose in Los Angeles who reenacts famous classic murder scenes just before killing his victim. And there is Wyatt, a quiet, nerdy classmate who is obsessed with the murders. Also Reed, a very cute, young assistant that works for her step-dad. Willa soon learns that all of these pieces in her life have something to do with her strange visions and especially the unsolved murders. As tension builds and as the visions become more frequent, Willa comes to understand that she has to confront the possible ghost in her house, or she might lose her mind...or her life.

Famous Last Words is nominated for the 2016-2017 Young Adult Golden Sower Award and is nearly impossible to put down. Don't be surprised if you read this book all in one night - especially if ghost stories and/or mysteries are your genre of choice.

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