Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen

Gerta is twelve when the Berlin Wall goes up overnight, dividing the city of Berlin into East Berlin and West Berlin. Her family is now separated, with her father and one brother on the West side and her mother and other brother on the East side. Because of her father's political history, the police monitor their family closely and this monitoring becomes more intense when Gerta's best friend's brother is killed while trying to cross the wall.

One day Gerta sees her father through an opening in the wall. She is convinced that his actions contain clues for their escape. Gerta becomes certain that her father wants them to dig a tunnel underneath the wall. But this seems impossible to without getting caught. The Germans have instilled such fear in neighbors that none can be trusted with secrets. Gerta's mother believes the wall is only temporary and any attempts to flee are a risk to great to take. Desperate to reunite her family, Gerta and her brother Fritz begin digging a secret tunnel. But when a nosy neighbor asks too many questions, Gerta, Fritz and their mother realize that they are almost out of time,

A Night Divided has been nominated for the 2017-2018 Golden Sower Award.

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